Have you ever decided not to embrace a new challenge because you thought you wouldn’t be up to standard?
Or have you ever felt threaten by the raising career of a successful colleague?

What is it?

Growth Mindset training is a tool for improving your leadership skills and self-knowledge. Mindset constitutes our beliefs about our ability and possibility to develop skills. Mindset also describes how we face adversity and efforts. 

For whom?

For experts, leaders and managers, who wish to improve their thinking strategies, increase their self-awareness and bring out their highest mindset potential in order to enhance the process towards achieving their goals. Growth Mindset training can be used as an individual coaching tool or for groups.

The benefits

Growth Mindset training will allow you to reach your highest potential. When you have a better acceptance of yourself and your thoughts, it becomes easier to understand others.

Elements of your Mindset profile and training

· A personal Mindset Moments Flow profile with 11 dimensions of your mindset
· Individual coaching (by certified coaches at AVA-instituutti)
· Group training (the structure will be tailored for your needs)
· Mindset Growth Training can also be completely web-based


Please contact us for more information, and we will prepare a fully tailored training package for you.

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Many scientists, like professor Carol Dweck, have been researching on the concept of mindset for the last 30 years. A mindset is a set of attitudes and beliefs that individuals hold about themselves, and will influence the actions they initiate, or, on the contrary, the moments when they give up. Our mindset represents the beliefs we hold about our own capabilities, the possibilities to develop our skills, the relevance of effort and the interpretations of setbacks.

Carol Dweck has discovered that we experience mainly two types of mindsets. A ‘fixed’ mindset and a ‘growth’ mindset. The ‘fixed’ mindset believes that talent is inborn and it cannot be developed. It avoids challenges as it is worried about how others see them. The ‘fixed’ mindset feels threatened by the success of others, and it avoids failure at all costs to maintain the sense of being smart. It gives up easily and takes criticism personally. 

A ‘growth’ mindset, on the other hand, embraces challenges and learns from criticism and feedback, and sees failure as an opportunity for growth and for putting in more effort. It believes that abilities can be developed. A ‘growth’ mindset keeps trying and doesn´t give up that easily.

Out of these two mindsets, which start their development at an early age, we develop our relationship with success and failure, our learning behavior and our level of tolerance to frustration, and draw the path to reach our full potential and peak performance. This begs the question of how we experience these two different mindsets, and how to recognize them. Furthermore, we can investigate how we elaborate our beliefs, so we can further develop our growth mindset. Our thinking and mindset are never static; therefore, we will guide you to understand further the ways you think in different situations and how you can raise your awareness about it.

To help you on this journey of self-discovery, we have developed a methodology that will guide you through your growth process and allow you to achieve your vision.

(Mindset Academy 2018)